Raised Navigation Mount for BMW R1200RS


High-quality Navigation Mount for BMW R1200RS. Raises your Navigator and other GPS systems above the instruments of your BMW R1200RS.

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Our navigation mount for BMW R1200RS raises the BMW Navigator or your traditional GPS cradle above the instruments of your R1200RS. The mount places your GPS in a much better position, more aligned to your line of sight. In other words, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road when looking at your GPS.

Our MOTO-MATE mount is a high-quality mount! Firstly, it’s made with precision laser cut and CNC machined components. Secondly, it’s TIG welded (Tungsten inert gas welded), and of course hard anodised to provide a durable finish. There are two screws under the clamp plates which provide a degree of adjustment to suit different screens. They also ensure the bottom of your GPS doesn’t foul the brake and clutch reservoirs. They also add a clamping effect on the cross tube, preventing any vibration of the GPS whilst still allowing the screen to be raised or lowered.

To be honest, we never liked the original positioning of the BMW Navigator on our R1200RS. With our navigation mount for the BMW R1200RS your road map is just in front of you, no more taking your eyes from the street to see where you have to turn next. Riding, the easy way!

If you have any questions, as usual, just send us an email to hello@moto-mate.com.


What if I don’t use the BMW Navigator GPS?

A great question, we also have a bar that fits this mount that has an M8 threaded hole so you can install a RAM ball mount and fit your TomTom / Garmin cradle to the mount and enjoy the same benefits. Details to be announced very soon.

Ever thought about the benefits of adding a CAN bus accessory controller?

CAN bus accessory controllers make life easier when adding any bike accessories. They integrate to your bike’s CAN bus system (if you got one, that is). Accessories can work together and wiring is clean and simplified.


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