INNOVV K2 Camera System

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Dual-lens front and rear Full HD motorcycle camera system from INNOVV.

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Product Description

The INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system is a dual lens Full HD system (front and rear) for your bike, giving you front and rear dashcam functionality. It supports Micro SD memory cards up to 256GB to deliver up to enormous 19 hours of Full HD recording.

The K2 camera system is a permanently fitted recording solution. Its rugged, weatherproof and waterproof design makes it a reliable solution, easy and straight-forward to fit. There is a free app (for Apple and Android) to review live recordings, update settings or download videos. Of course, you can share or playback your recordings too. The K2 fits to any motorbike, including bikes with CAN bus controllers and systems.

If you want to understand more about motorcycle CAN bus controllers, you can have a read through our Tech Blog articles:
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So, what is CAN Bus and why are CAN Bus products cool?

Motorcycle camera with rugged design and great features

We love INNOVV for their ability to combine rugged product design with great features.

Many other manufacturers mould their product cases, INNOVV doesn’t. The K2 lens cases and the DVR case (Digital Video Recorder, for those who wonder), are both CNC machined aluminium. The K2 dash cam produces videos, no matter what the weather chucks at it, it is a reliable source to share your fun trips, or provide insurance evidence should the worst happen.

Small form factor INNOVV K2

Weatherproof and waterproof

For those who love being out in the elements, no matter what, it will be reassuring that the INNOVV K2 is water resistant. So if you get caught in heavy rain, you might find you need new riding kit, but not a new camera. Both the DVR as well as the power converter are rainproof! But when does it ever rain, anyway?

Weatherproof and waterproof system

Configure, control and share via the INNOVV app

Mobile Appf for INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system

The INNOVV app allows you to download, view and playback your captured video files. The best about it for us is that you can configure and control the camera settings to suit your needs, i.e. decide on map options, show mph or km/h, and other handy settings.

Once set up, you can always go back via the app to adjust settings, or happily forget about your settings, job done.

The app makes it easy to share your videos with your friends, just as you post any other news on your social media platforms.

Control settings, view and share with the INNOVV K2 app.

– Control your K2’s settings
– View the Live video feed
– Take photos straight from your camera
– Quick access to your video files and quick downloads
– Easy options to share with your friends

The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

A real “Fit & Forget” system!

The K2 is a real “Fit & Forget” system. Sounds normal to you, but isn’t really. Many systems need to be switched on before they start capturing and to stop capturing too. Others need to still have mode confirmations, and worst of all, with many you have to ensure they are charged before using them.

None of this nonsense with the K2 system, once installed and set up you can absolutely forget about it. Turn the ignition on and off you go, the system is powered, remembers all its settings, and is awake 10 seconds after starting your bike.

Loop-recording and file quarantines

Loop recording is another of our favourites with this motorcycle camera system. This means you only need one SD card. Ideally treat yourself to a good brand! The camera captures always the most recent footage. It records, and once at the end of the storage capacity of your SD card, it just starts overwriting the first files, providing a continuous “loop” of recordings.

If you take the higher capacity SD cards (max. 265GB) you get up to 19 hours of recordings. Pretty long, we think. The adjustable G Sensor settings allows the K2 to quarantine files where an impact is detected.  

INNOVV offers loop recording

Cover the danger zones around you with a 120 degree angle

INNOVV K2 camera lenses offer 120 degree visibility

The K2 lenses capture video in a 120 degree angle, for both front and rear lenses.

This way the system can capture most events happening around you and provides reliable data for you, even of events you weren’t at all aware of.

High quality sensors for Full HD videos

The SONY EXMOR R-CMOS sensors in both the front and rear lenses record in Full HD resolution (1080p at 30fps).

The Vlog mode allows you to become the next famous Vlogger, sharing your ride in a wide dynamic range, a good tool to make those left at home jealous.

Discreet installation due to small form factors

Motorcycle camera with small form factor, descreet installation

The INNOVV K2 camera and its mount are small, and small is good! You can easily oversee that there is a camera system installed at all.

Its discreet installation protects the investment in your system.

Descreet installation of a motorcycle camera
Descreet camera installation3
INNOVV K2 descreet installation2

Finally a bike camera which is easy to install

The K2 is really easy to install. All items you’ll need are neatly packed in the box, and it doesn’t usually take longer than 3 hours to be up and running. Manageable even for beginners.

The K2 is designed for motorcycles, which means it will not overload your bike electrics. This motorcycle camera system will fit on any bike, with or without CAN bus systems. And for peace of mind, the cable lengths of the system are plenty. The two interchangeable front and rear lens video cables are 1.5m and 3m. And the GPS cable has a length of 1.21m. Plenty material for an easy install!

However, should you feel a bit unsure how to install this system, or just can’t be asked – we offer a UK-wide mobile installation service. We come to you, you make the tea and get on with other stuff whilst we install your shiny new motorbike dashcam. Just ask for our mobile installation service.

INNOVV K2 motorcycle dash camera package content
MOTO-MATE offers mobile installation service for motorcycles

GPS tagging and tracking

Share your ride with the built-in GPS module

GPS tagging technology allows for each video file to log speed and location data, although displaying speed can be turned off in the app if you are feeling a bit “progressive”. You can use the map on the INNOVV app to explore the area.

Plus, you don’t need to scratch your head later on to find out where this fantastic bit of road was or where you took the wrong turn. The built-in GPS in the K2 tracks your route so you can share or marvel at it later on. But should you chose to do so, you can turn off the GPS tagging via the app.

Smart Power Supply Module and Parking Recording Mode protect you when parking

Vandalism with motorcycles seems still to happen (who on earth…). If you sometimes worry about your parked motorcycle, here’s good news. The K2 with its Smart Power Supply module and “parking recording” feature triggers the parking mode automatically and monitors your bike when you are away.

So, if your bike gets knocked over or someone tries to move it when you’re not around, the system will automatically kick in and start recording. You can sit around the corner at the market place, enjoying your cuppa and knowing your bike is safe.

INNOVV K2 motorcycyle dash camera system including Parking Mode

Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz - jetzt neu - INNOVV.DE

INNOVV Kameras für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

We are the official supplier of INNOVV products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are interested in our INNOVV cameras, why not visit and order from our German webshop:

Universal application - not only for motorcycles

The INNOVV K2 camera system is pretty universal. We are bikers, so that’s where we use the system, as a motorcycle camera system. However, the K2 can be seamlessly mounted on various different vehicles that run on 12V electrics, such as cars and commercial vehicles, industrial applications, caravans, boats, snowmobiles, you name it.

Get in touch to talk with us about your plans. However, our installation service is only offered for motorcycle installations, just saying.

Additional information

DVR - Features and Specifications:

DVR Size – 90x60x16mm
DVR Material – Aluminum and PC Plastic Material
IP Rate – IP65 (Dust & Water Protection)
LED Indicator – WiFi, Recording, Photograph, GPS
Camera Connector (Front & Rear) – Type C
GPS Connector – Waterproof Connector
Power Connector – Waterproof Connector
Power Button – Aluminum, Power On/Off
Micro USB Port – Charging (DC5V), Data Transfer
SD Card Slot – Supports up to 256GB
Internal Mic – Support
G-Sensor – Built-in Sensor
Processor – Novatek NT96663
Video Resolution – Full HD 1080P at 30fps, both Front and Rear Camera
Video Format – H.264 Compression, MP4 Format

Camera - Features and Specifications:

Camera Size – ¢25.5x54mm
Camera Case Material – Aluminum, CNC
Camera Mount – Aluminum, CNC
IP Rate – IP67 (Dust and Water Protection)
Lens- 6G Glass Lens, Metal Chassis, Glass Lens, IR Cut. Diagonal 145°/ Horizontal 120° / Vertical Angle 100°
CMOS Sensor – Sony Exmor R (Front and Rear)
Video Cable (Front) – USB 3.0 Data Transfer Cable, Length 1.5m
Video Cable (Rear) – USB 3.0 Data Transfer Cable, Length 3m
Video Cable Connection – Type C Connector with Thumb Screw, Waterproof Design

GPS - Features and Specifications:

GPS Case Size – 42x42x15mm
GPS Module – With 1.2m Cable
IP Rate – IP67 (Dust and Water Protection)

12V to 5V Converter - Features and Specifications:

Case Size – 63x32x18mm
Input – 12V/24V with 2A Fuse
Output – 5V 2A with 10 Seconds Power On/Off Delay
IP Rate – IP67 (Dust & Water Protection)

Camera System - Features and Specifications:

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for INNOVV K2 Camera System

  1. Peter S. with his Vespa GTS 300 Touring Scooter

    Thank you so much for taking the time to travel to my home address in Hampshire to install the K2 Camera system on my Vespa GTS 300 Touring Scooter.
    You were incredibly courteous and professional.

    You took your time and did and amazing job. The finished installation is fantastic. The cameras, both front and rear have been placed in such a way as they do not impact on the overall look of the bike. They are discrete and do the job brilliantly. I am blown away by the fact that you cannot see any exposed cabling. You really have done a magnificent job. I am one very happy customer and am very happy to highly recommend you to others should they decide to have one of these systems installed on their bike.
    Your pricing and installation costs are very reasonable, making this a very affordable system for someone like me that has absolutely no technical confidence to install the cameras myself.
    Once again, thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you.
    Best regards

  2. Gordon with his BMW R1250GS

    Hi Phil,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for the way in which you carried out the fitting of the INNOVV camera system on my BMW. The process looked way out of my league but you did it without any problems.
    Your help in letting me make up my mind on the system I needed, even fitting an off/on switch on the handlebars, was invaluable to a luddite like me!

    To all your prospective customers, I cannot recommend you highly enough.

    Many thanks,

  3. Az N. with his BMW 310R

    Phil did a first class job on my bike, installing the K2 kit. He brought all his own tools and just got to work, saving me so much time and hassle! He really took care of the bike whilst working and ensured I was happy and understood how the app worked once he was finished, as well as happy with the positioning of the cameras. Really nice guy and super friendly too! Thanks Phil!

  4. Mike Gray with his Honda NC750X

    I had innovv K2 cameras supplied and fitted by Moto-Mate. Massive thank you to Phil, excellent service from the ordering to fitting. A true professional who takes great pride in his work and customer service.
    Treated my pride and joy like it was his own, Phil ensures the cameras were perfectly positioned, for best view and styling. You will not be disappointed in choosing Moto-Mate.

  5. Tim Hines with BMW R1200RT

    Phil fitted K2 cameras, dual licence plate led lights and sound bomb horn.
    He is an absolute perfectionist and professional, focussed on customer service and satisfaction. What a genuine guy who will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the fitting day and meeting Suzanne and Otto the dog. No hesitation in recommending Phil and the MOTO mate service.

  6. Tamas S. with his BMW R1200RS

    Based on discussions with Phil and others I went for the full monty for my BMW RS1200: got the D4 lights, the Denali Split Soundbomb horn and the Innovv K2 camera system installed with the necessary CANSmart controller. As I’m useless with electricity, Phil came all the way from Cambridgeshire to my garage and performed a professional and quick installation of all the goodies, plus also kindly connected the heated seat! The product looks great, visibility on the road is super enhanced and if you pass me, you will be on camera ?! Thanks Moto-Mate for the great job and the friendly chat! Highly recommended for your motorbike electric needs, especially if you have a Beemer as he also rides an RS ?

  7. Robin with a BMW R1250 GSA

    Phil has done a fantastic job on my BMW fitting Denali lights/full fit. So Pleased with it! very professional. highly recommend!

  8. David C. with a Honda Goldwing

    Hi Phil, As the owner of the featured Goldwing I would like to express my gratitude for going above & beyond, for coming out on a Bank Holiday Sunday to fit the INNOVV K2 kit onto my Yellow Peril.

  9. Kelvin L., with a BMW R1200GSA

    Phil came on a Sunday and fitted a K2 cameras and Denali D4 lights and sound bomb very professional great job would recommend Phil 100%

  10. J.G., Scotland, with a BMW K1600GT

    Phil drove all the way up to Scotland to fit an Innovv K2 system to my K1600. Not only did he do a great job but he is a really nice guy as well. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending Phil to others.

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Product Summary

Innovv K2 Camera System

INNOVV K2 Camera System


Out of stock

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