INNOVV K3 Dashcam


INNOVV K3, the new dual-lens front and rear Full HD motorcycle camera system from INNOVV with external mic and remote control.

Product Description

The INNOVV K3 motorcycle camera system is a dual lens Full HD system (front and rear) for your bike, giving you front and rear dashcam functionality. It supports Micro SD memory cards up to 256GB to deliver up to enormous 19 hours of Full HD recording.

The K3 camera system is a permanently fitted recording solution. Its rugged, weatherproof and waterproof design makes it a reliable solution, easy and straight-forward to fit. There is a free app (for Apple and Android) to review live recordings, update settings or download videos. Of course, you can share or playback your recordings too. The K3 fits to any motorbike, including bikes with CAN bus controllers and systems.

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INNOVV K3 Key Features

  • Full HD 1080p HD Recording w Sony Image Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Built-in G-Sensor
  • External Microphone Input
  • Smart Remote Control
  • Full-featured INNOVV App
  • Rugged, stylish Product Design, IP67 Waterproof
  • Easy & Discreet Installation
  • Up to 19 hrs Recording


Innovv K3 dashcam is easy to install

Easy & Discreet Installation

The INNOVV K3 camera and its mount are small, and small is good! You can easily oversee that there is a camera system installed at all.

Its discreet installation protects the investment in your system. No matter, whether you want to install it on a motorcycle, ATV, UTV or others.


Full HD 1080p Dual Camera System with 120 degree angle

The INNOVV K3 dashcam is a dual-camera system with a front and a rear lens. Both record your videos with Full HD 1080p video resolution. They are capturing your videos in a wide 120 degree field of view. The Sony IMX sensor ensures that your recordings are great, even at night times.


Configure, View and Share with your INNOVV App

The INNOVV app allows you to download, view and playback your captured video files as well as configure all the settings. The app makes it easy to share your videos with your friends, just as you post any other news on your social media platforms.


External Microphone Input

The INNOVV K3 allows for better audio input via the external microphone. The mic cable is strong and flexible, the open foam cover helps reducing wind noise. Motovlogging, here I come!


Waterproof with IP67 Standard

All INNOVV cameras are made with the usage in Powersport Motorcycle applications in mind. The INNOVV K3 is a high-quality camera system. It is robust, waterproof and made out of lightweight aluminium alloys.


Incident detection with the built-in G-Sensor

The G-Sensor of the INNOVV K3 automatically detects impacts. Once an incident or impact has been detected, that video file will automatically be safed in the “accident video” directory, separately from all your normal video files. This way the system ensures, that those important files will not be overwritten by the loop-recording settings.


Loop Recording for Continuous Video Recording

Loop recording is an important feature of a high quality motorcycle camera system. This means you only need one SD card. Ideally treat yourself to a good brand! The camera captures always the most recent footage. It records, and once at the end of the storage capacity of your SD card, it just starts overwriting the first files, providing a continuous “loop” of recordings. But don’t worry, if you use a 265GB memory card, you get up to 18 hours of recordings. Pretty long, we think.


Automatic Recording or “Fit & Forget”

The INNOVV K3 is, like its bigger brother, the K5 UHD camera, a “Fit & Forget” camera system. This isn’t normal! Many systems need to be switched on before they start capturing and to stop capturing too. Others need to still have mode confirmations, and worst of all, with many you have to ensure they are charged before using them.

Once your INNOVV K3 is installed you can absolutely forget about it. Turn the ignition on and off you go, the system is powered, remembers all its settings, and is awake 10 seconds after starting your bike.


Remote Control for Convenience

INNOVV listened to what their customers want. With the INNOVV K3 there is finally easy control over your cameras at your fingertips. The remote control is made of durable high-quality material. You can save videos or take photos just by pressing the remote control function button.



Additional information

DVR - Features & Specifications

DVR Size – 80 x 56 x 15 mm
DVR Case Material – Aluminium Alloy Base and Plastic Cover
G-Sensor – Built-in G-Sensor (Automatic Incident Detection)
RAM – 4G
Storage – SD Card (Support up to 256 GB)
Wi-Fi – 2.4 Ghz
Data Interface – Micro USB
Voltage Input – 5.0V±0.5V
Video Format MP4 / TS

Camera - Features & Specifications

Camera Size – ¢25×53 mm
Structure – 6G+IR
Field of View (FOV) – 120°
Aperture – F1.8
Max. Resolution – 1080p @ 30 FPS
Number of Effective Pixels – 1945 (H) x 1097 (V), approx. 2.13 Megapixels
Length of Video Cable – 2.0 Meter (6.5 ft)

Camera Size – ¢25×53 mm
Structure – 6G+IR
Field of View (FOV) – 120°
Aperture – F1.8
Max. Resolution – 1080p @ 30 FPS
Number of Effective Pixels – 1945 (H) x 1097 (V), approx. 2.13 Megapixels
Length of Video Cable – 1.5 Meter (4.9 ft)

Video Resolution Options for Front & Rear Camera

Front: 1080p at 30 FPS + Rear: 1080p at 30 FPS
Front: 720p at 60 FPS + 720p at 60 FPS

Mobile App

INNOVV App (for iOS and Android Devices)
Android: for Android Smart Phones Android 5.1 and above
iOS: for iOS Smart Phones iOS 8.3 and above

Remote Control



External Mic, 2 Meters

Parking Mode


Video Compression Mode




Operating Temperature

-30℃ – 70℃

GPS - Features and Specifications


Converter - Features and Specifications

Input – 9V – 18V
Output – 5.0V±0.2V
Max. Current – 2A

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Product Summary

INNOVV K3 Dashcam for Motorbikes

INNOVV K3 Dashcam


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