Waterproof Accessory On-Off Switch


Waterproof Accessory On-Off Switch to switch on or off any motorbike accessories whilst driving.

Product Description

A waterproof accessory on-off switch is a very useful thing to have on your bike, if you want to add accessories. We all like to add gadgets and accessories to our bikes, but how do you control them?
You need a switch that is close to hand so you can easily reach the switch whilst driving. You also need a positive action switch, so you know you’ve switched it without taking your eyes off the road.

But most of all, you need it to be waterproof!
Riding in the rain isn’t much fun and you still want your accessories to function reliably. With a machined aluminium handle bar mounting clamp for 22 mm  / 7/8″  handlebars, this switch looks great mounted on your bars and works reliable and effortlessly.

What are the benefits of using a waterproof accessory on-off switch?

  • Whatever your motorbike accessory might be, you have the control over it via your fingertip
  • Controlling any motorbike camera system on:
    • Motorways (long, boring rides)
    • In specific legislation in certain countries
  • Switch accessories such as heated gloves or auxiliary lights on or off


Been there, done it. There are usually three reasons, why you will want a camera system on your bike.

  1. Memories. Video your amazing bike trip (for you to admire later, and also to share with your mates)
  2. Safety. Should something happen, you have it on your camera system. At least if you have a proper bike dashcam like the INNOVV K2
  3. Analyse. Especially when you do track days or offroad days, analyising your videos afterwards can help you getting better next time

Now, whilst a camera system like the ones from INNOVV provide great security, being “fit & forget” systems, you still might not wish to record long motorway sections ’cause they are boring. And after your trip you would have to edit them out of your gorgeous videos.

Local law in certain countries

In some European countries (e.g. Austria) the use of permanently recording cameras is illegal. INNOVV’s “fit & forget” systems would record videos continuously, therefore would be illegal. But, if you have a switch to be able to turn the camera on and off as you wish, that means it thus becomes compliant. Easy solution and everyone is happy.

How do I integrate this waterproof accesory on-off switch into my INNOVV camera system?

Simple really, the switch needs to be connected in the yellow ignition feed wire. For example, if you are using the tail light as the ignition feed to the yellow wire: take a wire from the tail light to one of the wires on the switch, the other wire on the switch you connect to the yellow wire from the power module.  Please Note: There will still be the 10 second delay on starting and ending the recording as there would be in normal operation without the switch. This is one of the great things about the INNOVV cameras. The ten second delay to start keeps your battery healthy. The ten seconds later for switching off ensure that even the last bit of video is safely taped.

Switching accessories On or Off

Sorry, boring bit first: What ever accessory you are looking to switch, always ensure that the circuit is protected by an appropriately rated fuse and use the handlebar switch to switch a relay that carries the current for the accessory.

So, whatever accessory you want to switch, a waterproof accessory on-off switch is the ideal solution to be in control.

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Product Summary

Waterproof Accessory On-Off Switch

Waterproof Accessory On-Off Switch


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