DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-N-Play Controller For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


This Harley-Davidson CANsmart CAN bus controller allows you to control genuine Harley-Davidson and 3rd-party accessories via your bike switches or the included DENALI Accessory Manager Software.

Product Description

This CAN bus accessories controller fits a huge number of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It plugs into your Harley’s CAN bus system via the diagnostic port. Any warranty concerns regarding altering wiring on your motorcycle are needless. Once connected,  you have access to over 35 programmable accessory settings to control lamps, auxiliary lights, turn signals, brake lights, horns, etc; as long they are made to fit your bike in the first place. You can control it all via your bike’s original switches, or via the included DENALI Accessory Manager Software. Adding a CAN bus accessory controller to your CAN bus equipped bike is a bit of a no-brainer in our opinion.

Add accessories to your Harley-Davidson

Auxiliary lights for motorbikes are maybe the biggest category of bike accessories to mention here. For good reason, the more lights, the more visible the rider is to other road users. And the more a rider can see in the dark. Further, there are also louder motorcycle horns which you can add. Or a GPS / SatNav. Or, for those who drive in autumn or spring or through all year, heated clothes and gloves are amazing (believe us, we’ve road-tested them…). Best of all, the CANsmart CAN bus accessory controller comes with wiring harnesses for different accessories included. Plug & play at its best!

Smart CAN bus controller technology

Apart from the easy addition of motorcycle accessories to your bike, this Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessory controller uses some really smart technology. For instance, it offers integrated functionality of auxiliary lights strobing in time with your hazard lights or turning off an auxiliary light when signalling. All seamlessly working together so you can just focus on what is happening around you. Read on to learn more about all DENALI CANsmart CAN bus accessory controller features.

The CANsamrt fits the following Harley-Davidson models:

  • Harley-Davidson Sportster models (all) 2014-2019
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide models (all) 2014-2019
  • Harley-Davidson Softtail models (all) 2014-2019
  • Harley-Davidson Touring models (all) 2014-2019
  • Harley-Davidson CVO models (all) 2014-2019
  • Harley-Davidson Trike models (all) 2014-2019

CAN bus technology is still something many people don’t dare to touch. Once you have installed your new CAN bus accessory controller (or used our installation service) and all your accessories are up and running, why not leave a comment/review here, or visit our facebook page.  That way you can help others enjoy the full functionality of a CAN bus system.

Be seen earlier. Great features for your aux lights and indicators

DENALI offers accessory products for your Harley-Davidson

There are quite a few settings you can chose from, for example strobe, dim or “cancel with turn signal”, to name just a few. Of course, you need a factory-passing lamp and/or LED auxiliary lights in the first place. Have a look at the DENALI auxiliary lights we offer.

High/Low Sync

You can set the output of passing lamps and auxiliary lights to switch between a programmable high/low setting with the factory high beam switch.

On/OFF and Dim

You can, independently, control two sets of lights’ on/off and intensity level, for both day and night. And you can do so right from your trip switch:

  • click 3x to turn light on/off or
  • hold for 3 sec to enter dimming mode
    The dimming mode can be adjusted between 10% and 100% intensity.
Strobe (modulate) Lights

You can set your passing lamps or auxiliary lights to strobe (another term would be “modulate”), so you are much better visible to other traffic.

Flash to Pass

It never ceases to amaze us how often bikers seem to be “invisible”. With this function you can get someone’s attention! If you pulse your high beam switch 3x your aux lights will strobe 3 times faster!

Cancel with Turn Signal

When using your indicators, this feature turns off your auxiliary lights whilst your indicator is active. This way your signals are the most impactful and visible light source and can’t be overpowered by your auxiliary lights. Or, for that matter, can’t be that easily overseen by other people.

Accessory Manager Software, set and control your accessories with ease

The DENALI CANsmart controller includes a free Accessory Manager Software which lets you adjust and set each of your Harley-Davidson’s four electric circuits to control any accessory you might want to add. Once installed, the software allows you to chose between a number of features and settings to customise your bike accessories. What we like best with this software is that you can set each circuit’s electronic fuses. Should it trip, the system will automatically reset when you power off and back on the ignition, assuming there is no fault with the accessories or wiring.

Download the Accessory Manager Software (for Harley-Davidson ONLY):

Windows Download    |    Mac Download     |     Version 1906.2.1     |     Released 06/19/2019

Accessory Manager Software to set and control Harley-Davidson accessories via DENALI's CANsmart CAN bus accessory controller

Horns and safety. Make sure you are heard.

DENALI CANsmart offers great horn and safety features.

We only say 120dB! That’s the noise level output DENALI’s SoundBomb Compact or Split SoundBomb horns make. Believe us, it is massive. No need for a relay when installing a SoundBomb with your Harley CANSmart Controller, just easy plug & play!

Plug & Play Installation

No need for an additional harness or relay, it is all in the box. Auxiliary horns, i.e. DENALI’s SoundBomb, can be added in no time, plug & play!

Lights strobe with your horn

This feature just adds a little extra. When you sound your horn, your passing lamps or auxiliary lights will automatically strobe! Works with both, by the way, your factory horn, or the massive 120dB SoundBomb installed.

Deceleration and brake light features

A technology which we see more and more, “smart brake” deceleration technology. An intelligent brake light circuit allows for multiple flash patterns to flash when you brake or get off the throttle.

Deceleration-activated “Smart Brake” Technology

The CANsmart controller has a built-in G-Sensor that senses when you decelerate and activates your brake light, even before you actually brake. Not only is this a great feature in itself, but the added bonus is that you can adjust sensitivity and minimum speed at which the “smart brake” will activate.

Flash Pattern Braking

Choose between four different flash patterns. DENALI’s amazingly bright auxiliary brake lights help you to be much more visible to traffic behind you.
Your choices are:

  • A solid brake light on deceleration or braking
  • Only flash when hard braking
  • Flash continuously when you brake
  • Flash four times rapidly then hold a steady brake light
DENALI CANsmart controller lets you install auxiliary brake lights to your Harley-Davidson

Included in this DENALI Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessory controller package:

DENALI CANsmart product details - What's in the box.

Yes, there’s the Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessories controller. But there are also 5 additional wiring harnesses, offering you a plug & play connection of factory Harley-Davidson passing lamps, two sets of aux lights, a SoundBomb and aux brake lights. Amazing!

  • 1 x CANsmart™ Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessory controller
  • 2 x 167cm (5.5ft) light extension cables
  • 2 x OEM passing lamp wiring adapters
  • 1 x 152cm (5ft) horn extension cable for DENALI SoundBomb
  • 1 x DENALI B6 brake light wiring adapter
  • Zip-ties
  • Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
  • Micro USB programming cable
  • CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software

Quite handy - our installation service

For those who don't have the time, or aren't sure about installing bike accessories themselves

We are aware that not all of our customers may be confident using tools and installing motorbike accessories. Or they  are simply too busy to spend an hour or two in the garage. We offer a reliable and flexible installation service.


Have a look at the instruction manual!

DOWNLOAD the Instruction Manual

It is all explained here, just download the instruction manual for the DENALI CANsmart Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessory controller here.

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DENALI Harley-Davidson CAN bus accessories controller CANsmart

DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-N-Play Controller For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


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