Monimoto MM5 GPS Tracker


The Monimoto MM5 GPS Tracker is a 2G Smart Tracker, It comes with an App for iOS and Android devices and ensures that you know where your bike is. Day and night.

Product Description

GPS trackers are one of the best ways to improve your bike’s security and the Monimoto tracker is no exception.

Nobody ever wants to go to their bike and find it not there. Sounds like a very basic statement but in reality, how many of us know where our bikes are? We know where they are supposed to be, but are you 100% certain that’s where they are, right now?

Unlike other trackers the Monimoto GPS tracker doesn’t need to be professionally fitted, meaning you don’t have to book your bike into a local specialist and cough up more money.

Anyone can install and set up the tracker in just a few minutes. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s a wireless device that is powered by its own Lithium Ion battery. Combine this ease of installation with the benefit that it’s also the cheapest tracker on the market, has full European coverage and the lowest monthly subscription fee, it’s a no-brainer.

The Monimoto GPS Alarm System is highly effective. The tracker instantly alerts you if any unauthorised movement is detected. All you need to do is to mount the device in a discreet location on your bike and pair it up with the Monimoto app on your smartphone.

The Monimoto Smart Alarm has its own internal power supply so you won’t risk a flat battery on your bike. It comes with a pre-installed SIM card including 2 months free GSM roaming. Easy to use, quick to install, peace of mind at last.


Monimoto is installed

3 minutes installation time and off you go. Just make sure you have your Monimoto Key with you so the system won’t get alarmed.

Once you leave your bike (and therefore Key), the Monimoto can’t detect your Key and automatically arms.

Danger detected

If your motorcycle now moves and the Monimoto can’t find the Key nearby, it changes to “Alarm Status”.

Calling the bike owner

In the “Alarm Status” your Monimoto calls you and also starts sending its location to your Monimoto App.

What is a GPS Tracker?

Monimoto is a smart DIY tracker for motorcycles, scooters or anything else you want to keep an eye on really. It is portable, which means you can move it to another vehicle if your need to, quickly and easily.

It notifies you about unauthorized use of your vehicle via direct notification to your mobile and sends your vehicle’s location via the app.

How does this bike GPS Tracker work?

There is a paired Key, that is used to identify the legal owner. When Monimoto detects movement of the monitored vehicle it starts a search for the paired Key. If the Key is located, Monimoto leans back and goes back into “sleep” mode. However, if the Key is not located, Monimoto activates “alarm” mode and prompts an alarm call to your phone.

Installing your GPS tracker in less than 3 minutes

Monimoto is a DIY system. It can be installed in under 3 minutes, no need to call in the pro’s..

Being self-powered there is no maintenance required other than replacing the battery when notified it is low. This also means it is easy to switch the Monimoto to another vehicle. It is not connected to a motorcycle’s battery, therefore it won’t drain the battery on your bike and there is never a question of whether it invalidate your bike’s warranty.

Monimoto vs Conventional GPS Trackers

Monimoto MM5 GPS Tracker
  1. There is significant advantage over conventional GPS trackers in the speed of the alarm event response!
    Conventional GPS trackers are not equipped to make an alarm call and are limited to SMS, email or push notification reporting only. Or you have to wait for a call centre to notify you of suspicious activity with your bike!
  2. A GPS tracker provides an increased chance to recover a stolen vehicle in case of theft. According to statistics most of standard locks fail to prevent thefts effectively.
  3. Monimoto GPS trackers offer a significant savings advantage in cost of ownership when compared to professionally installed systems, which are expensive and require maintenance.
  4. Easy transferability between different vehicles, should you buy a new motorcycle. A professional systems would require a new purchase and installation.
  5. Can be easily shared between a few vehicle owners without removing it from the vehicle, as long as each driver has a separate Key and Monimoto app configured on their phone.
  6. One user who has multiple vehicles, each with a Monimoto, can have any number of Monimoto devices paired with their phone.

Who are the people behind Monimoto?

Monimoto are leaders in affordable, effective and reliable motorcycle trackers. A bit like ourselves, a bunch of passionate bikers started Monimoto back in 2013. They’ve worked hard to develop a range of battery-powered GPS trackers which are simple enough for you to fit at home, in less than 3 minutes. Their passion is protecting your bike with effective GPS security that is both simple and affordable for everyone. What can we say, it all sounded great to us!

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The Monimoto App

Monimoto has a smart app for configuration and management of your device.

Here are the app features:

  • Battery monitor. Check the battery level of your Monimoto, and receive alerts if it is running low.
  • SIM card balance monitor. Get status notifications of the SIM card balance.
  • Adjust motion sensor sensitivity. The motion sensor triggers all the anti-theft features. You can adjust its sensitivity through the app.
  • Full event log. The event log automatically keeps track of the device status.
  • Support and guidance. Receive product guidance and tech support.

The Monimoto app supports Android & iOS devices – iPhone 5S, iOS version 10.3.1 and Android version 5 or later. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE), as connection between phone and Monimoto is being supported using this technology.

Monimoto requires an active SIM card with GSM connection. The Monimoto package comes with a pre-installed SIM card with activated GSM roaming services plan. The first 2 months the GSM Roaming service in all EU countries is free of charge. After this free period the cost is 3 EUR/month (£2.70, based on exchange rates valid on the day).

The default connection for the GSM service is set to always find to the strongest GSM operator/signal in any EU country. SIM card balance reporting is integrated as an app feature.
There are no service fees to Monimoto company. You only need an active SIM card. You are free to use any SIM card of your choice.


Some (obvious???) tipps...

Avoid carrying the Key attached to your motorcycle keys. We advise you to carry the Key inside  your pocket to make sure it is not accessible for potential theft.

Do NOT keep your Monimoto Key in an enclosed metal environment as radio waves cannot travel through metal and your tracker will not be able to see the Key! We know, you knew that!


Additional information

MM5 Product Features:

– 2 Years Warranty
– IP65 water/dust protection standard
– Designed and made in Europe
– Up to 12 months years battery life expectancy
– Swiss-made Cellular and GPS modules

Technical Specifications of the MM5:

– Batteries: Monimoto GPS Tracker: 3V Lithium 1400mAh CR123A (2 batteries)
– Key: 3V Lithium CR2032 (1 battery)
– Battery life expectancy time:
– Monimoto: up to 12 months*
– Key: up to 12 months*
– GSM modem frequency: 900/1800MHz
– Bluetooth version and frequency: v4.1; 2.4GHz
– USB slot: 2.0 Micro Type B
– A-GPS lock time (satellite discovery time)
– Hot start: <2 sec(open sky);
– Cold start: <45 sec(open sky)
– Dust and water resistance rating
– Monimoto MM5: IP65
– Monimoto Key: IP50
– Range of operating temperatures: -15 to +55°C (-4… 131°F)

What's in the box?

1 x Monimoto device
1 x Key (key-fob)
2 x Releasable zip ties
2 x CR123A batteries for Monimoto MM5
1 x CR2032 battery for the Key
1 x Micro-sized international SIM card


126 x 35mm (4.96×1.38in)

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Product Summary

Monimoto MM5 GPS Tracker and Packaging

Monimoto MM5 GPS Tracker


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