BMW OEM Harness Wiring Adapter to DENALI SoundBomb Horns


DENALI Wiring Adapter from SoundBomb horn models to BMW OEM harness

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This DENALI BMW horn wiring adapter can be used to connect any SoundBomb horn to the BMW OEM harness. It’s a real plug & play solution, you just need to plug in your DENALI SoundBomb on one end, and the other end into your BMW factory harness. And there you are, the BMW now uses your horrifically loud new SoundBomb. Try your SoundBomb under a bridge and have a laugh as the sound echoes off the walls (something we’d never publicly recommend). Very childish and oh so much fun.

Irrespective of whether you are using the SoundBomb Mini, the full on SoundBomb, or whether you are connecting to a CAN bus accessory controller or not, this wiring adapter allows you to add any SoundBomb to your existing motorcycle harness with no modifications.

Note: If going for the full on SoundBomb you will also need part number: DENDNL.ELC.10000

If you, however, fancy adding more accessories, like a GPS, auxiliary lights, or heated gloves etc, you might be better off to grab one of our CAN bus accessories controllers. We stock them from both DENALI and VoloCan, fitting any BMW with a CAN bus system.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this wiring adapter will not work with BMW G310GS or G310R models.

Features of this DENALI BMW horn wiring adapter

  • Enables true plug & play connection
  • Plugs directly into OEM BMW horn connector
  • No need to modify factory wiring
  • No other wiring needed for SoundBomb Mini
  • Functions as trigger for SoundBomb horn wiring harness
  • Simple & easy to install

Included in this DENALI SoundBomb BMW OEM Wiring Harness

DENALI BMW OEM Wiring Harness to SoundBombs DENDNL.WHS.10100
  • DENALI Wiring Adapter for BMW OEM harness

Ever thought about the benefits of adding a CAN bus accessory controller?

CAN bus accessory controllers make life easier when adding any bike accessories. They integrate to your bike’s CAN bus system (if you got one, that is). Accessories can work together and wiring is clean and simplified.


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