DENALI SoundBOMB 120dB Horn

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The DENALI SoundBomb Compact produces an earsplitting 120 decibels of sound. That’s about 4 x louder than a standard motorcycle horn!

Product Description

DENALI’s SoundBomb is one thing, and one thing only, it is massively loud! The 120dB of sound it produces is about 4 times louder than any standard motorcycle horn.

Our bike has got the SoundBomb installed, and the effect it has when having to use it on the road is amazing. Firstly, you don’t have the feeling your bike has a strangled chicken installed instead of a proper horn. And secondly, you really can see the reaction of the person you aimed your horn at. The SoundBomb Compact is truly the flagship model of DENALI’s motorcycle horn range. It is definitely the loudest bike horn we know!

Apart from the noise there’s the product design to mention. Once installed you can hardly see it any longer. Somehow a bit of a shame as it is actually quite cool looking.

The DENALI SoundBomb Compact is of course designed to withstand life in any and all rugged environments. There’s a moulded clamp which mechanically holds compressor and acoustic unit together. The SoundBomb is virtually indestructible, even in high-vibration surroundings.

DENALI Electronics offers three loud aftermarket horns

There are also other versions of the SoundBomb air horn available. The SoundBomb Mini offers a 113dB low-tone sound and comes in a neat small form factor which can be installed in place of your OEM horn with no other wiring additions or modifications. And then there is the so called Split SoundBomb, which is great if you don’t have the space to install a Compact Soundbomb horn.  This unit has separate compressor and horn sections connected together by a length of flexible pipe giving you more options for fitting it discreetly on your motorcycle.


Order Info for all Bikes* and Details for BMW** and KTM*** motorcylists!!

*Details for all SoundBomb customers:

When installing a SoundBomb Compact or Split SoundBomb on either a non-CAN bus equipped bike or on a CAN bus equipped bike, but without a CAN bus accessory controller, you will need to use the universal DENDNL.ELC.10000 Plug-N-Play wiring kit. You will also need to use the 5 Pin relay that is included in the box that the SoundBomb was delivered in, This relay is NOT included in the harness kit.

Don’t forget to order a mounting bracket for your horn. If you are unsure which is the right bracket for your bike, please get in touch.

** Are you riding a BMW?

If you ride a BMW motorcycle, add DENALI’s BMW OEM harness wiring adapter (DNL.WHS.10100) for Plug & Play installations.

*** Are you riding a KTM?

If you have a KTM 1090, KTM 1190, KTM 1290 Series of bike you will need to retain the original equipment horn so as not to upset the CAN bus system. The DENALI universal Plug-N-Play wiring kit DENDNL.ELC.10000 is connected in parallel with the original horn wires

What's in the package of the SoundBomb Compact?

  • Single piece electro-pneumatic horn
  • 12V 30A relay

PLEASE SEE OUR TOP TIP above to find out whether you need any add-on products to install this SoundBomb!

DENALI SoundBomb Compact

Take advantage of our installation service

MOTO-MATE offers mobile installation service for motorcycles

Installing your new DENALI SoundBomb is actually easier than you might think. 

However, should you feel a bit unsure how to install a motorcycle horn, or would prefer to get a pro to do it – we offer a UK-wide mobile installation service. We come to you, you make the tea and get on with other stuff whilst we install your shiny new SoundBomb. Or, if you prefer us to make the tea, you can also come around to our place in Cambridgeshire So, if you are interested in us doing the job, Just ask for our mobile installation service.

Ever thought about the benefits of adding a CAN bus accessory controller?

CAN bus accessory controllers make life easier when adding any bike accessories. They integrate to your bike’s CAN bus system (if you got one, that is). Accessories can work together and wiring is clean and simplified.

Additional information

Sound output:

120 dB at 91cm (3 feet)

Current draw:

20 Amp


137mm (5.4”) wide x 114mm (4.5”) high x 86mm (3.6”) deep

Product design:

Stylish design, all components black

CAN bus system:

CAN bus system compatible

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for DENALI SoundBOMB 120dB Horn

  1. Kevin H. with his BMW R1250GS

    Good afternoon Phil,

    Thank you very much for fitting my new Denali Sound bomb horn to my R 1250 GS this morning.
    Having had the same horn on my previous bike it was a no brainer to repeat the process for my new BMW as I feel that the extreme sound could be a life saver if required. I am very pleased with your excellent service and knowledge of my bike. You are a credit to your trade and a thoroughly nice bloke. When I need any more work done on my bike or anyone else, I know needs a work done I will be recommending you as my first choice. Thanks again and stay safe.

    Rubber side up.

  2. Tim Hines with BMW R1200RT

    Phil fitted K2 cameras, dual licence plate led lights and sound bomb horn.
    He is an absolute perfectionist and professional, focussed on customer service and satisfaction. What a genuine guy who will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the fitting day and meeting Suzanne and Otto the dog. No hesitation in recommending Phil and the MOTO mate service.

  3. Kelvin L., with a BMW R1200GSA

    Phil came on a Sunday and fitted a K2 cameras and Denali D4 lights and sound bomb very professional great job would recommend Phil 100%

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Product Summary

DENALI SoundBomb Compact

DENALI SoundBOMB 120dB Horn


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