Basic 40W LED motorcycle lights


Basic LED auxiliary motorcycle lights

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These basic yet bright 2-wire auxiliary LED lights are great additional lights to make you more visible to other road users and make you safer. When it comes to light on a motorbike, the more the merrier!

Although a lot of the latest bike models are already incorporating LED headlights, there are good reasons to go for additional auxiliary lights.

See more and be seen earlier. Auxiliary LED lights help you see more. You will also be seen earlier, meaning that person waiting to turn across the front of you may well see you earlier and wait. The consequences of not being seen in such a situation don’t bare thinking about.

Adding this pair of LED lights can help you immensely to be safe and stay safe. Not to mention the ability to see further down that dark unlit road. Why do a lot of modern bikes still come with rubbish headlights?

Please Note:

These lights are NOT supplied with a wiring harness.  The harness offered by the manufacturer is NOT ignition switched meaning the lights can be left on and flatten your battery.  If you would like an ignition switched harness, let me know and I can provide one.

Help others to see you better by adding motorcycle auxiliary LED lights

Bright add on lights for motorcycles
Bright LED motorcycle lights

It is great to have good lights on your motorcycle. But although a lot of modern bikes come with decent lights, they don’t all. Irrespective of whether yours are great or less than great, once you have installed a pair of auxiliary LED lights, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it earlier. Your LED lights will help oncoming traffic to see you better and also see you earlier. You are also much better visible in any vehicle’s rear view or side mirrors. During any time, in broad daylight as much as in the night.

You can really see the difference these lights make. Whether on your own in the dark or mixed up in heavy traffic in rush hour.

See more, see it earlier, and react quicker

Especially in the early morning, later evening hours, during the darker months, and at night-time, additional LED lights help you see more. And see things earlier. Even if it is only “basic LED auxiliary motorcycle lights” you add to your bike, it all helps.

No wondering where the street goes, where the potholes hide, what the road surface looks like and whether there are any obstacles in the road. With extra motorcycle LED lighting you can drive safely and react faster.

You wouldn’t believe how great these little things are. Fascinates me every time! (Phil from MOTO-MATE.COM)

Use our installation service

Installing your new lights is actually easier than you might think.

However, should you feel a bit unsure how to install this system, or would prefer to get a pro to do it – we offer a UK-wide mobile installation service. We come to you, you make the tea and get on with other stuff whilst we install your shiny new lights. Just ask for our mobile installation service.

MOTO-MATE offers mobile installation service for motorcycles

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Product Summary

Basic 40W lights for motorcycle

Basic 40W LED motorcycle lights


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