DENALI D7 TriOptic LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology (Single)


DENALI D7 light pod LED 2.0 motorcycle lights come with TriOptic and DataDim Technology. Ultra-bright with 7,665 lumens per pod delivered by 7 high-intensity 10W LEDs, providing a near-flood-beam pattern. (Single)

Product Description

With over 7,500 lumens the DENALI D7 light is definitely one of the brightest LED auxiliary lights on the market. And it is also definitely DENALI’s flagship motorcycle light kit. The DENALI D7 light features the massive amount of 7 of Cree’s HI High-Intensity LEDs. DENALI focuses those LEDs through a proprietary single piece optic, uniquely engineered to create a full-bodied combination of both flood and spot beam reaching over 367m (1,200 feet) at one lux.

The D7 LED lights profit from DENALI’s heatsink and active thermal management technologies. LEDs need to be cool, and those two technologies combined ensure that these high-intensity lamps stay cool enough to provide maximum light output. Consequently, this means you can always rely on excellent light from you D7s.

If you have already installed DENALI lights before, most likely the D2 or their D4 lights, then you know what a difference they made to your night-time ride.

DENALI D7 light – the new DENALI flagship auxiliary motorcycle lights

The new DENALI D7 light would outshine 14 D2 lights. That is a serious amount of light output. When it comes to the D4s, the D7s would still feature more than double light output.

With an output of over 7600 lumens per light, delivered through a flood-beam light pattern you are looking at a light spread of 61m (200ft), more than wide enough to light up both sides of your road and penetration of 400m (1500ft). The mix of distance-focus and flood-beam is just perfect in any conditions giving the best of both flood and spot lights.

DENALI D7 2.0 LED Lights Pods offer many features

7 x 10W LEDs lights per pod, designed to survive harsh environments

Cree XPL HI High-Intensity series LEDs with 7,665 lumens per pod. Cree managed to develop these new LEDs with higher outputs but at the same time ensuring there is no increase in power draw.

DataDim allows to connect to a dimming controller (sold separately). The pods come with a 3rd-wired dimming circuit. This eliminates unreliable modulation of the entire circuit that occurs when trying to modulate two wire lights.

Utilising DENALI’s DrySeal technology, the D7 lights are sealed to IP67 which means they can be submersed and stay on!

Impact PC corrosion-proof bezels, designed to be impenetrable which means you won’t get a stone through the front, Nor will they corrode or fade when used in adverse or fantastic riding conditions.

LiveActive™ Thermal Management. This helps keeping your LED lights nicely cool. Only cool LEDs have maximum light output, plus they last longer.

Low profile mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware included.

Cree High-intensity LEDs
DENALI DrySeal technology
DENALI 2.0 light pods low profile mounts

DENALI LED lights 2.0 have a lot to offer.

There are a number of great reasons to decide for the DENALI 2.0 LED lights. Read about the 12 reasons why DENALI 2.0 LED lights are best.

Included in this DENALI D7 lights pod package:

DENALI D7 LED lights installed
  • 1 x D7 LED light pods
  • 1 x Wiring pigtail
  • 1 x Hinge mounts with M8 stainless steel hardware

Use the DENALI D7s for all power sport applications

By the way, the D7s are hugely versatile, no matter whether you want to install just one single light or two lights. They can be used in all sorts of powersports applications, think adventure bike, endure, dual sports bike, jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles etc.

DENALI D7 flagship lights2
DENALI D7 flagship lights1

Additional information


7 x 10W Cree XPL HI High-Intensity lights

Total Power Draw:


Beam Distance:

367m (1205ft)

Beam Width:

38m (125ft)

Raw Lumens:



Single intensity harness

DataDim Compatible:


Operating Voltage:


Pod Size:

110mm (4.4in) round x 99mm (3.9in) deep


IP67 waterproof & submersible

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Product Summary

DENALI D7 LED 2.0 Light Pod

DENALI D7 TriOptic LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology (Single)


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