DENALI DR1 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology (Single)


DENALI DR1 2.0 TriOptic LED Light with DataDim Technology with 1,095 lumens. (Single)

Product Description

The DENALI DR1 light is an amazing motorcycle auxiliary light driven by a poerful 10W LED. Due to its unique design with an oversized reflector it creates a beam distance of over 300m (1000feet). That’s quite a distance for 10W lights! Have a look yourself, no other 10W LED even comes close.

DENALI’s DR1 light lights up your riding experience with 1,095 lumens per kit. The DR1 comes with installed True-Hybrid lens certified with the official e-Mark to keep you legal on European roads. This auxiliary motorbike light is great for those night rides when you want to have a long beam distance to see what’s happening in front of you. Thanks to DENALIs True-Hybrid Technology, the beam pattern of the DENALI DR1 auxiliary light is highly balanced, a great combination of width and distance light beam patterns, best of both worlds really.

As usual with all the 2.0 Series bike aux lights, the DR1 single light too is designed to withstand the most rugged and harsh environments.

As all DENALI 2.0 motorcycle aux lights, the DR1 light comes with all the great technology features including DENALIs DataDim Technology. This great feature allows you to upgrade in seconds to dual intensity, just by adding a little plug & play controller. The little controller enables you to switch your lights between half and full intensity with your bikes original high beam switch. Very handy!

DENALI DR1 2.0 LED light and light kit offer many features

Cree High-Intensity series LEDs with 1,095 lumens per kit. Cree managed to develop these new LEDs with higher outputs but at the same time ensuring there is no increase in power draw.

TriOptic Multi-beam lens system

DataDim to allow connecting to DENALIs dimming controller (sold separately, DNL.WHS.1110000)

Waterproof (submersible) due to DENALI’s DrySeal technology. We just say “moulded silicon gaskets” and a lot more.

LiveActive™ Thermal Management. This helps keeping your LED lights nicely cool. Only cool LEDs have maximum light output, plus they last longer. 

Low profile mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware included.

Additional e-Mark approved lenses, amber lenses available, Impact PC, go to our DENALI tech overview page and see all details available for all DENALI 2.0 lights.

Cree High-intensity LEDs
DENALI DrySeal technology
DENALI 2.0 light pods low profile mounts

DENALI LED lights 2.0 have a lot to offer.

There are a number of great reasons to decide for the DENALI 2.0 LED lights. Read about the 12 reasons why DENALI 2.0 LED lights are best.

Included in this DENALI DR1 light packaging:

DENALI DR1 close
  • 1 x LED light pod
  • 1 x Spot lens (installed)
  • 1 x E-Mark approved spot lens (included)
  • 1 x Hinge mount with M8 stainless steel hardware
  • 1 x Wiring pigtail

Use the DENALI DR1s for all power sport applications

By the way, the DR1s are hugely versatile. They can be used in all sorts of powersports applications, think adventure bike, endure, dual sports bike, jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles etc.

DENALI DR1 Light Kit

Additional information


1 x 10W Cree XPL HI High-Intensity LEDs per light

Total Power Draw:


Raw Lumens:


DataDim Compatible:


Operating Voltage:


Pod Size:

94mm (3.7”) square x 97mm (3.8”) deep


IP67 waterproof & submersible

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Product Summary

DENALI DR1 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology (Single)


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