KTM CANsmart Light Control Switch


This sealed switch connects to the KTM CANbus accessory controller and allows you to adjust the brightness of your auxiliary lights on the move.

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CANsmart light control switch for KTM Duke, Adventure and Super Adventure models from DENALI.

When connected to your KTM CANsmart accessory controller  the switch allows complete control of both of the auxiliary light circuits of the CANsmart accessory controller. Both auxiliary light circuits can be independently switched ON or OFF and adjusted both up and down to the desired intensity via the switch.  All whilst you are riding.

The KTM CANsmart light control switch connects into the harness of the KTM CANbus accessory controller.  Connection is a simple “plug and play”, the switch comes with the connector to allow to just plug into the KTM CANbus accessory controller and you are done in the time it takes to mount the switch, run the cable and plug it in.  Instant control of your auxiliary lights on the move in a few minutes.

Aside from making adjustments to your auxiliary lights via the switch,  you can still configure the set up of your auxiliary lights using the CANsmart accessory management software available as a download from here.

The KTM CANsmart light control switch kit includes a 22mm (7/8″) handlebar mounting bracket enabling the switch to be located next to your switch gear making it easy to reach to adjust your lights.

In addition to the moulded silicone gasket seals, the switch uses a unique DrySeal™ construction technique that encases the wires in a potted cavity as they enter the housing. This ensures our housings are 100% watertight even when submerged underwater with the wires cut and connector removed. Denali have done the engineering to ensure that hopefully you won’t need to test it to that level!

What’s In The Box?

  • (x1) DrySeal™ Waterproof Switch
  • (x1) 7/8″ Mounting Band
  • (x2) Self Tapping Screws


For more information as to how CANbus accessory controllers and what they can do for you, please take a look at this article.


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