Universal Luggage Strap


This universal luggage strap is small, robust and hardy and holds your luggage on your motorcycle safely in place.

Product Description

This luggage strap is the most flexible tool for your bike trip you can think off! The strap is made out of robust, hard-wearing material and holds whatever you need it to hold. Just loop 2 bungee cords through the luggage strap’s loop-hole, fix the strap to your bike, fix your luggage with the bungees. Job done.

2 minutes to mount your luggage strap

  1. position the luggage strap under your seat, logo-side down
  2. put your seat back into position
  3. loop two bungee cords through the loop-holes
  4. fix your luggage

We have ours since 25 years, so we can confirm – they last!

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Product Summary

Universal Luggage Strap

Universal Luggage Strap