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BarkBusters BBZ Blizzard Fabric Handguard Muffs


BarkBusters BBZ Blizzard Fabric Handguard Muffs

Product Description

A stylish fabric handguard design, lined with a waterproof membrane. These can be fitted to almost any handlebar set up. Designed to flex around fairings/windscreens at full steering lock. Ideal for faired Sports and Touring motorcycles. Anti-flap design is self-supporting under wind pressure. Leaves controls free of interference. Maximum cold weather protection. Can be fitted independently or over Barkbusters backbones. All mounting hardware included to fit: To handlebar (M6/M8); To hollow handlebar; and Over existing Barkbusters backbones. Sold in pairs.

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BarkBusters BBZ Blizzard Fabric Handguard Muffs