Installation Service

We offer an affordable installation service.


We provide a motorcycle accessory installation service across the UK and for all of our products. Ideally you buy your the product(s) you want, i.e. camera, lights, horn, CAN bus controller, mounts, brackets etc from us (you wouldn’t have guessed, eh?). If you have purchased products already, as long as we offer those products too, you’ll be fine and we can install those products for you, no worries. A bit further down this page you can find ou about our hourly installation rates for products purchased through us and for products you bought via another shop.

Our motorbike accessory installation service is available
  • UK-wide
  • At our place in Cambridgeshire or
  • At your place, as long as it is in the UK. Our mileage charge is £0.20p/mile
  • Or at your office location. Again, as long as it is in the UK and mileage will be charged
  • Fully insured and all work guaranteed for 12 months
  • Completed by a fully trained engineer


Do you like getting your hands dirty?

If you do, great, we are here to provide all our customers with support or assistance should you need it. However, if you are either too busy or not confident to start pulling your bike apart, now, that’s when our installation service comes in handy. We offer three location options for our accessory installation service.

At our location in Cambridgeshire

Here you can come to us, 15 miles East of Peterborough, and for a modest hourly rate of £40 per hour your install will be done in our garage. That’s on the basis that you are ordering the products through us. If you buy them elsewhere the hourly rate is £60/hour.

You can either hang around, watch, chat, ask, have coffees, teas, and sometimes even an alcohol-free Bavarian Weissbier (count yourself lucky). Or you grab a mag and find a place in our kitchen, on the terrace, in the living room. There’s plenty of space. Sometimes Otto is willed to entertain our guests and you might even get invited by him to show you the village (in other words, he’d like to have a walk to the pub!).

The work can be scheduled at a time to suit us both, so weekends are not a problem. Of course, once we know what you want installed, you’ll get a proper quote showing the amount of time we reckon your installation will take. This gives you a better feeling on what the whole thing will cost, and it enables us to plan our installation days properly.

At your home or office

If you however would rather us to come to you to install the products then that is fine too. The hourly rates stay the same (£40/hr if you purchase the products through us, £60/hr if you bought them elsewhere). However there will be a mileage charge of 20p per mile. In order to complete an install at your premises we need access to shelter from the elements, power (and a supply of tea). This is mainly because Phil refuses to work with rusty tools, and you wouldn’t expect him to turn up with rusty stuff either, so a nice dry place would be great. The work can be scheduled at a time to suit us both, so weekends are not a problem.

Again, once we understand what you want installed and where you live, you will get a written quote from us including the installation time we reckon we’ll need plus mileage cost overview.


Some notes on clubs and groups

If you are part of a club or group and want to do multiple installs, the mileage charge would be shared across the number of installs thus reducing the total cost per person.

A little overview of installation services

We are a recommended and authorised DENALI Electronics partner, able to install all DENALI products including:


We are also authorised suppliers and installers of INNOVV motorcycle cameras and VoloCAN can bus controllers.

Needless to say, but of course we install all other products available from us too.

Looking for some reassurance?

Finally, if you are a little unsure how we work, browse through our pages and see the reviews of our customers. And have a look at our latest bike accessories installation photos beneath. You can also check out our facebook page. And as usual, if we can be of any assistance or you have any questions in regards to our installation service, give us a call or send an email.