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So, why moto-mate?

Why would you want to deal with us?

It’s a fair question and in order to answer that, step into my workshop.

We are dedicated motorcyclists, we are NOT a box shifting warehouse operation. We have selected and in certain cases developed products that we believe work together and offer a benefit to our customers.

I currently have 5 different bikes in my collection, all for different purposes (well at least that’s what I tell the wife) and I can often be found in the garage with a brew, the radio on and with one of the bikes in bits being cleaned, serviced or tweaked.

I love riding, cleaning and working on my bikes, it is our hope that this little business will grow into as much of a social community and we can look to organise a meet-up, ride out, BBQ or even trips away.

For now I and Susanne are working away to get everything in place so we can get off the ground.  For sure the portfolio will grow over time, but let me stress one thing: Nothing on moto-mate.com will be sold before it has been installed and tested on my own bike(s). Rest assured, I’m fussy, and if something doesn’t work, you won’t get to buy it! Promise.

Stay tuned and if you’ve got any suggestions then feel free to let us know.

Ride safe and keep it shiny side up

Phil & Susanne

#moto-mate (cake-eating) management & (bone-eating) security

Boss. He's carrying the heavy responsibility on his broad shoulders. And cake in his hands.
Admin and security staff walker. She'll also most likely pack your parcels, and dreams of buying a bike.
Quality control and warehouse security. Can be bribed with bones or bananas. And likes gardening.