ABR Festival 2024

Come and meet us at the ABR Festival 2024

It’s outdoor, it’s fun, and it’s our favourite event in our events calendar!

With the aquisition of high-end motorcycle accessories there usually come a lot of questions in regards to what’s what. Come around and have a chat with us! We can talk you through the pros and cons of lights, horns, cameras and controllers. With our popular light rack and all products also mounted on our show bike, it is easy for you to see what’s the best fit for you, your bike and your riding style.

What you can expect at the Moto-Mate stand:

NEW Motorcycle Camera Systems

Global Eagle Smart Riding System
An advanced smart riding system, combining Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with a front and rear dash cam and an optional tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Global Eagle X9 Pro 
2k front & rear fixed-installed dual cam system

Global Eagle FD-2 
2k front & rear helmet camera

We will also bring the existing models of Global Eagle, the X6 Plus, the S3 and the FD-1 helmet camera. There’ll also be plenty of power banks and SD cards, should you want to stock up on those for the show. 

Barkbusters Handguards

Barkbusters Handguards
We have most of the handguards with us, you just need to decide which colour and style you’d like to have.

Bespoke Barkbusters Handguard Kits 
Barkbusters offers bike-specific handguard kits and of course, we’ll have those prepared for you too. 

Barkbusters Universal Handguard Kits
Luckily, even if there is no bespoke kit for your bike, Barkbusters offers generic, universal handguard kits. Come by and have a look yourself!

LED Light, horns, CAN bus controllers

As usual, we have our light rack with us. It’s powered so you can find see the difference of the various light pods and light outputs of all available models.

DENALI Soundbomb Horns
Again, powered and installed on our light rack are all three DENALI Soundbomb horns, the Soundbomb Compact, the Split Soundbomb and the Soundbomb Mini. Push the button and here the impressive impact of these horns (quite often, you can also see the impact…)

DENALI CANsmart CAN Bus Accessory Controllers 
We are experts in CAN bus systems and are happy to show you the added functionality on our own show bike. Come to our stand and see the benefits of having a CANsmart controller for yourself.

We will also have the LED light kits from Gooeylight with us. They are a great option, if DENALI lights aren’t the right choice for you.

Moto-Mate Mounts to raise your nav to a higher position

We are producing our own mounting solutions in order to raise your nav where it actually should be, much higher up, so you won’t need to take your eyes off the road.

Moto-Mate GPS Mounts are available for the following bikes: 

There are more mounts in development, come and check with us, whether there will be a mount for your bike too!

ZumoLock for Garmin Navigation Systems

You got a Garmin Navigation System. We too. Most likely you don’t like leaving your bike without taking off your precious nav. No need to worry any longer with the Locking System from ZumoLock! We got ZumoLocks for all Garmin Zumo models with us.