Motorcycle Horns – or the story of “I know, you can hear me!”

Do you want to wake the myopic idiot that has just failed to see you? Or are you fed up with the sound of the strangled chicken that emanates from your bike when you hit the horn button?

If either of the above apply, then you need a man’s (or woman’s) horn!

Motorcycle Horn

We stock the DENALI SoundBomb range of horns:

  • Soundbomb Mini, which is a direct replacement for your standard horn
  • Soundbomb Compact (which is louder than a 600 sports bike on an open pipe! And we all know how loud those are……)
  • Soundbomb Split (which is exactly the Compact, but in two parts)

The Soundbomb Mini as said above is a direct replacement for your original horn but reaches 113dB whilst the SoundBomb can wake the dead at 120dB. To put those figures into perspective the noise limit for a trackday at most circuits is 105dB! For a bit of tech’ speak, the unit of measurement for sound is the decibel (dB) and is measured on a logarithmic scale, this means that every 3dB is double the sound so don’t underestimate the 7dB difference between the mini and standard soundbomb horns. They are loud!

You might be wondering why there is a Soundbomb and Split Soundbomb and what is the difference between them. They are in fact the same horn but the compressor is a separate unit to make for easier mounting on bikes where space might be tight.

If you are thinking of one of these, get in touch and we can advise on mounting and connection options.

Forget the squeaky embarrassment, get a proper motorbike horn instead!

Soundbomb Aftermarket Motorcycle Horns

Have a thought of what form factor you need, and off you go!

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