Not a tinny, not a bus, but a CAN bus controller.

If you ride a BMW or one of the more modern KTM’s you will most likely of heard of CAN bus. You also most likely have heard about how connecting accessories to a CAN bus managed motorcycle is a pain in the proverbial. Without a motorcycle CAN bus controller, that is.

The CAN bus system is an intelligent data-bus and doesn’t have fuses. If the system detects a higher level of current being drawn on a circuit due to an accessory connected to it, it will simply switch that circuit off. It puts an error message on your dash. That error message is basically telling you to go and make the local dealer a bit richer. Plus, your accessory still won’t work!

Why do I want a CAN bus accessory controller?

If you read the above you might ask yourself what the way around this problem would be. The solution is a CAN bus accessory controller! If you want to run accessories on your CAN bus-equipped bike, then a CAN bus accessory controller is the easiest way. Full. Stop.

We stock CAN bus controllers from DENALI (for BMW, KTM and Harley Davidson) and Volocan (for BMW). Both offer very similar levels of functionality but in different types, case size and different methods for setting them up.

The DENALI uses an app that connects to your PC (or Mac) via USB cable. The Volocan is set up via series of small switches. Both are easy to configure. As with most things, once you’ve got them how you want them you don’t need to touch them again.

CANsmart CAN bus accessory controllers from DENALI Electronics

4 reasons why you want to install a motorcycle CAN bus accessory controller

Once set up how you want, motorcycle CAN bus controllers offer a great functionality. Here are some examples:

1. Auxiliary lights and CAN bus controller

Auxiliary lights fitted to your bike – when you operate an indicator the auxiliary light on that side turns off so the indicator can be clearly seen. If you are filtering and operate your hazard lights it will strobe the auxiliary lights at full power. Both reduces the risk of you not being seen. CAN bus controller offer not only great connectivity for any auxiliary lights you may have fitted but also allow you to add and control other accessories.

2. Brake lights and CAN bus controller

These options range from intelligent brake lights that use a G-Force sensor to understand when the bike is decelerating and shows a brake light.  Really great if you have a big twin cylinder big that slows really quickly when you close the throttle.

3. Auxiliary horns and CAN bus controller

Auxiliary horns can also be integrated through a CAN bus controller allowing you to warn even the deafest of drivers that you are on the piece of road that they want to move into.

4. Generic auxiliary port and CAN bus controller

If you feel chilly on early morning runs or ride through the colder seasons, most CAN bus controllers have an auxiliary port that you can use to power (and on some bikes, control) heated clothing such as jackets or gloves.

BMW Wunderwheel and CAN bus controller (WonderWheel)

BMW WonderWheel functionality with DENALI Cansmart

The versatility a CAN bus accessory controller offers really extends way beyond controlling auxiliary lights. On certain bikes the functionality of accessories can also be managed through the bike’s handlebar controls. Your BMW “Wunderwheel”, on the left hand bar, can control the settings of your heated clothing or the brightness of you auxiliary lights.

We have motorcycle CAN bus controller available for BMW and KTM. Dependent on what bike you have and what you want to do we can help you choose the right controller. Give us a shout. Or read first our blog about CAN bus controller – how to connect accessories.

And if you are interested in a CAN bus controller, but wouldn’t dare to install one yourself, no worries. We offer an installation service too. We’ve installed our CAN bus controllers in many bike makes, i.e. BMW R1200 RS, BMW R1200 GS, BMW K1600 GT, BMW F800 ST, KTM 1290 Superduke, KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

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CANsmart DENALI CAN Bus Accessory Controllers

We can help you with installing, see our UK-wide installation service!

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