The Global Eagle motorcycle dashcams are permanent “fit & forget” solutions. So whenever you are on your bike the system is continuously recording your ride to capture evidence in support of any incident that may occur. But of course it can also just capture a great ride.

The system switches on seconds after starting the bike and loop-records footage in small video files. Once the is full it starts again, overwriting the first files. When the bike is switched off, the unit stays powered for an additional few seconds to ensure the video file is securely written to the memory card before shutting down.

The Global Eagle motorcycle dashcams have a G-Shock sensor with different levels of sensitivity. In the event of an impact the video file will be captured and quarantined so it cannot be overwritten. This means any evidence is secured for downloading from the system. The G-Sensor works also in “Park” mode (if selected in the app), that way your bike is protected even when you are away from it.

In selecting a Global Eagle dashcam for your motorcycle you are getting a system that:
  • Is a weatherproof unit that is housed in an aluminium enclosure as opposed to plastic for greater durability and reliability.
  • Has a full 1080HD entry level resolution system, creating sharp images for sharing with friends or in support of an insurance claim.
  • Starts operating when you start the bike, no forgetting to turn it on or charging the batteries. Even when parked, if the bike is knocked, it will capture this.
  • Loop-records so you don’t have to change the memory card or clear old files out. Old files will simply be overwritten. If you want to save a video file you can download it via the app and you have it.
  • Allows you to be flexible in your choice of file sizes where you can chose to record in 1 min, 3 min, 5 min or 10 minute file sizes at 1080HD and 30fps.
  • Time and date stamps each video file, ensuring an accurate record of the event. You also have the option to insert the vehicle registration into the recorded information.
  • Incorporates a G-Sensor where any significant breaking force or impact is lock-down and not overwritten by the loop recording.
  • Small, discreet lens (or lenses) allowing for the installation to be unobtrusive and draw unwanted attention. Coupled with compact housing for the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) means this unit can be fitted in the tightest of spaces.
Let us know, should you have any questions on these great Global Eagle cameras.