Basically – Motorcycle Power Distribution units are clever fuse boxes.
What with the adoption of GPS, heated clothing, auxiliary lights and horns, demand for space on the battery terminals is growing to the point that not only does it look a mess, it can effect reliability.

So if you want to run accessories, a Power Distribution unit is the answer. These can come in various types with conventional blade fuses or electronic fuses to connect your accessories to. The units will switch on after the bike is running so you are not sapping starting current from your battery to power your accessories, then once the engine is running the unit will switch the power on to your accessories.

Each channel is independently protected and as long as you stay within the total capacity of the unit you will have a neater battery compartment and a greatly reduced risk of a flat battery in the morning.

We have two solutions so if you want to know which one is right for you, send us a message and we can advise you.