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12 reasons why DENALI LED lights are best


DENALI LED lights 2.0 have a lot to offer. For instance, they are brighter, offer a rugged design and are also highly versatile. DENALI uses the latest Cree High-Intensity 10W LEDs, focussing those LEDs via its TriOptic lens system. Using DENALI’s DataDim technology, the lights can adjust intensity with your headlight. You can have full power when you are on high beam and 50% when on dipped beam.

DENALI 2.0 products are waterproof (IP67) and offer highly durable housings. Mud, rain, dust, you name it, the DENALI 2.0 series withstands all extreme environments.

With DENALI LED Lights you’ll get products from a long-standing market leader 

When it comes to motorcycle auxiliary lights, motorcycle horns, mounts, brake lights and plug & play CAN bus controller for your bike. DENALI’s products are installed all over the world. We from are very proud to offer DENALI products to our customers. Our installation service helps all those who aren’t comfortable with installing motorcycle accessories. In short, if you fancy accessory lights, a louder horn or a CAN bus accessory controller to go with it all, just give us a shout.Industry-leading LED manufacturer Cree has designed a new, much more efficient “High-Intensity” LED, called the XLamp XP-L High Intensity. They are entirely optimised to deliver maximum emitted light by the LED light in a particular direction. This is measured in candela.

The new XP-L High-Intensity LED produces 20% more light output (measured in lumens). Even better, the LEDs ensure at the same time that there is no increase of power draw from your bikes electrical system. All DENALI LED lights 2.0 feature these new Cree HI LED.

What to expect from DENALI LED Lights?

What does TriOptic mean?

The DENALI TriOptic name describes their multi-beam lens system. All DENALI 2.0 light kits come with 2 individual spot lenses and 2 individual elliptical flood lenses. Combining these lenses gives you three unique beam patterns without having to install three different lens systems. It is entirely up to you how you want to set the different lenses in your kit up.

You could use them to go for maximum spread. This would make a lot of sense in the countryside where deer can be around at night times. Or you go for maximum distance, great for calm traffic and high visibility. You can also combine the 2 different lenses so you’d have best of both worlds. That’d be our recommendation.

DataDim™ LED Dimming Technology 3-wired circuits

All DENALI 2.0 light pods come with a dedicated 3rd-wire dimming circuit. This third wire dimming circuit means that with the addition of either a DENALI DataDim Controller or CAN bus accessory controller (both sold separately) your auxiliary lights will be controlled by what you do with your headlight. Dip the beam and the output of the light drops to 50%, and on main beam they are at 100%.

This means that you don’t have to worry about dimming your auxiliary lights and you can focus on the road ahead.

DataDim eliminates unreliable modulation of the entire circuit, something that is unavoidable using basic two-wire dimming.

HotSwap™ waterproof and modular harness

We at see and install a lot of accessory wiring harnesses. In our opinion, the most important things to check for are that they are sealed, use appropriate rated cable for the load and use high-quality sealed connectors. The harnesses supplied with all the DENALI products are all of these things and more.

As the connectors used across all DENALI products are standardised, you can take advantage of the HotSwap design. The HotSwap enables an effortless swap from the standard single-intensity relay to DENALI’s dual-intensity DataDim Controller (sold separately).

DrySeal™ waterproof construction

DENALI uses their own unique DrySeal construction technique. Rest assured – with moulded silicon gaskets and the wires “potted” in the cavity even under water and with the harness cut there will be no water getting through the connection into the light unit. Even when you go nuts and drive through some river beds.

The moulded Impact PC (polycarbonate) corrosion-proof bezels are designed to be impenetrable. The bezels of DENALI’s LED lights won’t corrode at the first sign of rain or winter. Nor will they fade during those long sunny days out on the road exposed to all those UV rays.

These bezels are designed to take everything a ride can throw at them. From impacts, knocks, dust, debris or a rock thrown up by your fellow riding companions ahead. DENALI’s Impact PC bezels create an impenetrable surface, just go and try it.

Keep them cool with intelligent thermal management

LEDs like it cool. They last longer and they also output more light when they are not getting too warm.

Together with DENALI’s heatsinks their LiveActive LED drivers manage heat levels. And not only every now and then, but in real time. This is an important feature as the best of LEDs won’t lighten up your ride if they are getting warm, warmer, hot, overheating. You might as well invest in the real thing and be sure that you can always rely on the best light output with your 2.0 lights from DENALI.

All 2.0 light pods come with a rugged, low-profile hinge mount. The M8 mounting hardware is all stainless steel. These mounts and mounting hardware make your (or our) job to install the DENALI 2.0 lights just so much easier. They maintain maximum strength at all times.

Solid DrySeal™ switch and handlebar switch mount

The DrySeal™ switch and handlebar switch mount is solid, reliable, waterproof, and illuminated. Mount this switch both on flush surfaces as well as on your handle bar. 2.0 lights include mounts for 7/8″ and 1″ handlebars.

DENALI LED Lights are e-Mark certified lenses to be street-legal in the EU

In addition to providing three beam options in one kit, the second set of included lenses carry the official e-Mark certification. This ensures you can stay street-legal on-road while maintaining the option for maximum illumination distance.

What is the e-Mark?

It’s a safety certification mark, based on EU Directive. Motor vehicles, parts and systems have to be certified. The good thing is that when a product is certified by e-Mark it will be recognised and legal in all EU member states.

Amber spot lenses and flood lenses are available as an optional extra accessory

Amber-coloured lenses on your motorcycle help adding daytime visibility. They have also a better fog-cutting performance. So, if you are living in an area where you face a lot of morning or evening fog, this is a great product to have. The DENALI LED lights “amber” kits includes both the spot lenses as well as the flood lenses in amber lens colour.

Apart from that, DENALI’s TriOptics technology functions in exactly the same way. You can choose which beam options you want to set up, just that they are now all amber (see TriOptic lens info above).

Work with CAN bus accessory controllers for BMWs, KTMs or Harley-Davidson

If you have a CAN bus controlled BMW, KTM or Harley, DENALI’s motorcycle accessories are even more easy to install. You can easily add any DENALI LED lights 2.0 to i.e. your BMW, using a CAN bus accessory controller. With a CAN bus accessory controller you can add not only auxiliary front and rear lights, DENALI SoundBomb horns (massively loud, great stuff!). You can also include other accessories, all powered through the controller. At we offer 2 great CAN bus controllers for BMW, one from DENALI and one from VoloCAN. We also offer a CAN bus accessory controller for KTMs Super Adventure and Super Duke 1290 Series of bikes. Plus, there is more to come!

In short – if you ride a bike with a CAN bus controller, there is no reason not to want a CAN bus accessory controller!

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