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5 things to look for in a motorcycle accessory power distribution product

Our "buyer's guide" for bike power distribution units

1. How much power will you need to power all your accessories?

Does the power hub have enough capacity to power all your accessories?  Also worth checking the alternator output of your bike if you are using a lot of accessories.

2. How big can the power distribution unit be?

Somehow the motorcycle manufacturers manage to create less and less space to fit and connect accessories. Hence, a small-sized power source is important So far, we haven’t seen a motorbike which didn’t have enough space to carry the Power Hub 2. It is tiny, yet still high-quality and powerful enough!

3. Will you have spare channels to add more accessories later on?

When installing a power hub, you want to have some spare channels so you can add more accessories at another time. Even if you only want to add auxiliary front lights now, you might want to add rear lights later on. Or you realise that you finally want to invest in a motocycle camera system. The INNOVV PowerHub 2 allows you to add up to 5 bike accessories. There are other power units out there, but many of them with fewer channels. You also would want the power distribution unit to be sealed and therefore rain and dust proof.

4. How does the power distribution unit ensure your motorcycle battery will not be overloaded when starting you bike?

With the PowerHub 2 connected to your bike the accessories will not be switched on until 10 seconds after the engine has started. This means that the accessories are not taking any power from your battery when you are trying to start your bike on a cold, damp winter’s morning. The hub also shuts the accessories down 10 seconds after you turned the ignition off.

5. Will there be parasitic drain to the battery?

Also as the accessories are isolated from the battery by the PowerHub’s electronic switches it means there will be no battery drain. So when you come to your bike you won’t be greeted by a flat battery.

2 thoughts on “5 things to look for in a motorcycle accessory power distribution product

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    To be honest if you are only looking at a supply for your heated seat I wouldn’t use a Power Distribution Module, strange as we sell them but here is my reason.
    7.5 Amps is a lot of current for one channel of a Power Distribution Module (most are around 5A max / channel) and you would be looking at something like a 6 Channel unit with a total rating of about 40Amps or more and therefore a pretty expensive.
    If you are only looking at power for a heated seat, I would take an ignition live signal through a switch to a relay to switch a fused battery feed to your seat.
    I can happily provide you with a circuit diagram for this if you need it.
    Let me know

  2. Dennis Buckles says:

    Adding a heated seat to my 2018 triglide . 7.5 amp circuit . need a distribution block to power the seat from the battery and turn on and off with ignition.

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