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BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE – What is the difference?

BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE

How do you choose between two Thatcham S7 accredited trackers when they come from the same company? This is something we are frequently asked. So here is a comprehensive overview of the differences between the BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE trackers.

For those who are not familiar with BikeTrac as an organisation, BikeTrac is a UK company and all BikeTrac products are designed and manufactured in the UK. The 24/7 Secure Operating Centre is also based in the UK. 

Before we get into the details, it is important to understand that the real key security features are present in both devices!

7 Key Security Features Included in Both Trackers

  1. Text, Email and Push Notifications
  2. 24/7 SOC (Secure Operating Centre) Availability
  3. GPS & RF Tracking
  4. Movement Alert
  5. Battery Alerts
  6. Mobile App
  7. Access to Advantage Offers

Right. Now you know that both devices offer core security features, the other elements come down to what you are looking for and how you ride.

BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE – Round One: A motorcycle tracker to keep your insurance happy

If your requirements for installing a tracker are purely for keeping the insurance company happy, then the BikeTrac LITE will do all you need. As detailed above, it has the same security features as the Premium BikeTrac model. Important to know, if you want to keep the insurance company happy, then you will need a certified installation certificate from an installation provider. Obviously, we are certified and can help you with this 😊.

BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE – Round Two: More features

If other features such as 24/7 SOC (Secure Operating Centre) calls on top of text / email / push notifications are important to you, then you are really looking at the premium product, the BikeTrac. BikeTrac also offers European Cover, Securitas Rapid Response Teams and you can add more contacts for notifications.

Last Round – BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE

By selecting the BikeTrac unit you will have lots of additional features over the BikeTrac LITE:

  • Securitas – Theft Response Team for when the Police cannot attend in a timely manner
  • European Cover
  • Realtime Map available to see where your bike is
  • 24/7 SOC – Call
  • Bike Down Alerts, should you have an accident
  • Bike Over Alerts, should your bike get knocked over whilst parked (ignition off)
  • Journey Logs, for GPX download and share
  • Service Mode, so you don’t receive alerts when the bike is at the dealer for service
  • Geo Fence – this feature is not recommended for motorcycle applications. We mention it here, because BikeTrac is also used in other vehicles like sports boats, caravans or tractors, to name just a few
  • Holiday Mode, creates alerts for any movement when the ignition is off

BikeTrac has a comprehensive motorcycle database, so we can ensure that your BikeTrac or BikeTrac LITE will be installed in the best possible position for your motorcycle.

We hope you enjoyed reading our little write-up about BikeTrac vs BikeTrac LITE! If you have any questions on BikeTrac or BikeTrac LITE or the installation of them, drop us a message and we will come straight back to you. Ride safe!

BikeTrac Product Logo

BikeTrac’s flagship device comes with a full suite of theft protection for your motorcycle, incl. customisable alerts.

Text / Email / Push Notifications
24/7 SOC Secure Operating Centre
GPS & RF Tracking
Movement Alert
Battery Alerts
BikeTrac App
Advantage Offers
Securitas – Theft Response Team
Europe Cover
Realtime Map Availability
24/7 SOC – Call
Geo Fence
Bike Down
Journeys View and Export
GPX Download
Bike Over
Service Scheduler
Service Mode
Holiday Mode


BikeTrac’s LITE  has the core functionality of the flagship product, but less bespoke features to help smaller budgets.

Text / Email / Push Notifications
24/7 SOC Secure Operating Centre
GPS & RF Tracking
Movement Alert
Battery Alerts
BikeTrac App
Advantage Offers


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