Global Eagle produces high end motorcycle cameras

Global Eagle Motorcycle Dash Cameras are high quality front and rear cameras with reliable HD 1080p dual lenses (front and rear). We offer two camera versions, both as usual tried and tested for some time on our own bikes. Both cameras are made with motorcycle applications in mind and come with an amazing STARVIS Sensor. The STARVIS technology enhances night vision, resulting in amazing footage even when it is dark around you.

Ontop, Global Eagle offers with their X6 Pro dash cam a GPS speedometer, which alerts you to fixed speed cameras. But of course, you would never need this little extra, would you?

At moto-mate we are all about a safe trip, and motorcycle cameras are a must in our humble opinion. After months of solid testing we decided to add Global Eagle to our portfolio. We believe in their product quality and, as the UK distributor, can offer you a lot of advice, should you have any questions regarding cameras on motorcycles or how to install them. 

Front Camera on KTM Adventure Bike

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