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How to Update Speed Camera Locations in Global Eagle X6 Pro Motorcycle Camera

update speed camera locations for Global Eagle X6 Pro

Welcome, fellow riders, to Moto-Mate’s comprehensive guide on how to update speed camera locations for the GPS antenna in your Global Eagle X6 Pro motorcycle camera. After the update your system will be equipped with the positions of the latest UK fixed speed camera GPS locations. Having accurate speed camera data while riding is essential for safety and avoiding unnecessary fines. That’s why we’ve partnered with Global Eagle to bring you this exclusive update that will keep you well-informed and protected on the road.

Keep your GPS with speed camera location up-to-date and always get the latest speed camera data, exclusively for the Global Eagle X6 Pro motorcycle dashcam.

7 Steps on How to Update Speed Camera Locations for your Global Eagle X6 Pro Fixed Speed Camera Antenna

  1. Downloading the Update Files
    To kickstart the process, you’ll need the latest update files for your Global Eagle X6 Pro antenna. Don’t worry; obtaining these files is a breeze! Reach out to us at 📧, and our friendly support team will be glad to send it to you.
  2. Prepare for the Update
    Remove the GPS antenna from your bike or disconnect the black connector for the GPS antenna if you’re using a laptop computer.
  3. Unpacking the Zipped Data File
    With the downloaded zipped file, unzip it and double-click the “Update.exe” element. This will open a window with the Global Eagle logo and two buttons at the bottom: “Update” & “Cancel.”
  4. Connecting Your Camera
    Now, connect your Global Eagle X6 Pro antenna to your computer using the little black USB antenna cable from the box. Plug the USB lead into the GPS antenna’s connector and connect the USB connector to your computer. If you encounter a “USB device not recognized” error, simply unplug and try again until it connects seamlessly.
  5. Running the Update Utility
    Now it is time to update speed camera locations! With your camera connected, click the “Update” button. If you encounter any error messages, unplug and replug your camera, then hit “Update” again. The utility will begin the update process promptly.
  6. Updating the GPS Antenna
    During the update process, the utility will remove the old data from your GPS antenna. Be patient, as this may take a moment. Once the deletion is complete, the utility will install the latest GPS data, adding any newly added camera locations into your antenna’s database.
  7. Completion and Success!
    Watch the scrolling blue bar closely; when it reaches the end, your update is complete. The screen will then clear, displaying a “Completed” message. Within a few seconds, your antenna will light up, indicating that the programming data has been successfully updated.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your Global Eagle X6 Pro with the latest UK fixed speed camera GPS locations. Since this is really a piece of cake, please don’t forget to update speed camera locations regularly. We’d hate you to collect a ticket! And now, ride with confidence, knowing you have the most accurate and up-to-date speed camera data at your fingertips.

For a video demonstration, check out our video guide on YouTube.

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Ride safe, ride smart, and let’s enjoy the road ahead together!

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