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Ride with Confidence: Motorcycle Dash Cam Review

Global Eagle Motorcycle Dash Camera X6 Plus

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular among car drivers, but did you know that there are also dash cams available for motorcycles? As a motorcycle rider, safety should always be a top priority. Even the most experienced riders can face unforeseen incidents on the road. That’s where a motorcycle dash cam comes in handy. Not only can it provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident, but it can also help deter reckless driving behaviour and protect against insurance fraud.

What should you look for when buying a motorcycle dash cam?

When it comes to purchasing a dash cam for your motorcycle, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want a camera that is durable, waterproof and shockproof, with a wide-angle lens and high-resolution recording capabilities.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of having a dash camera for your motorcycle and review one of the best dash cams on the market, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus.

Why use a dash cam for motorcycles?

There are several reasons why having a dash cam on your motorcycle is a smart idea:

  • Evidence in case of an accident: If you are involved in an accident, a motorcycle dash cam can provide valuable evidence to support your case in court. This can be especially important for motorcycle riders, who are often wrongly blamed for accidents.
  • Protection against insurance fraud: Unfortunately, insurance fraud is a growing problem, with some people purposely causing accidents to claim on their insurance. A dash cam can provide evidence of what really happened and prevent you from being a victim of fraud.
  • Record your ride: If you love being out on your motorcycle, a dash cam can be a great way to record your ride and capture some amazing footage. You can share your videos with friends and family or even create your own motorcycle vlog.
  • Investing in a dash cam or motorbike camera can also help riders improve their own riding skills by allowing them to review their footage and identify areas where they can make adjustments to their riding. With the growing popularity of dash cams, there are now several options available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. However, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus stands out as one of the best choices for motorcycle riders.
  • Building a community and sharing experiences: Dash cam footage can be shared with fellow riders, creating a community where experiences, knowledge and insights are exchanged. You can engage in online forums, social media groups or video platforms to connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts and learn from their experiences.

Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus Review

The Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus is an excellent dash cam for motorcycle riders. It features a 156-degree wide-angle lens that records in full HD 1080p resolution. The sealed lenses are waterproof to Standard IP67 and also shockproof, making them durable and perfect for use in any weather condition.

The Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus also includes a GPS antenna, which can record your location and time along with your footage. The dash cam comes with a mobile app that allows you to view and download your footage directly from your phone via a Wi-Fi connection.
Aside from the features mentioned above, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus also has a built-in microphone, allowing you to record audio along with your video footage. Moreover and hugely important, the dash cam has a night vision function, which can capture clear footage even in low-light conditions.
Another great feature of the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus is its small and compact design. The camera’s DVR can discreetly be mounted under the seat or behind a body panel on your motorcycle, without obstructing your view. This makes it convenient to use and operate, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

In terms of storage capacity, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus supports up to 128GB microSD cards, which can store approximately 11 hours of video footage. This means you can have 11 hours of front and rear video footage. Should do for a long day of riding, we think.
Of course, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus is loop recording, meaning that once your SD cards storage space is full, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, allowing you to continuously record without worrying about running out of storage space. But don’t you worry, any files which the system added to the quarantine folders, will never be overwritten.

Conclusion: Why is a motorbike camera a real must?

The Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus is a high-quality motorcycle dash cam that is perfect for bikers. Its waterproof and shockproof design, along with its loop recording function and G-sensor, make it a reliable and durable tool to have on the road. The built-in GPS is a bonus, providing date and time stamps if you need them. We and many of our customers think, having a motorcycle dash camera, like the Global Eagle Dash Camera, is an essential tool for any motorcycle rider concerned about their safety and protection. With its durable and waterproof design, loop recording function, G-sensor, and GPS capabilities, this dash cam can provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident or dispute. Its small and compact design, night vision function and audio recording capabilities make it an excellent choice for capturing your rides and sharing them with others. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality dash cam for your motorcycle, the Global Eagle Dash Cam X6 Plus is a great choice.

Professional Installation Services for Your Motorcycle Dash Cam

If you’re interested in the Global Eagle motorcycle dash cam but don’t have the time or know-how to install it yourself, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Our nation-wide installation service is designed to make your life easier, so you can have peace of mind knowing your camera is installed properly and ready to go. Best of all, our installation service won’t break the bank, so you can stay within your budget while still enjoying all the benefits of a top-of-the-line motorcycle camera system.
Just give us a shout and we’ll take care of the rest!

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