Denali Electronics 2.0 light technology combines a massive amount of state-of-the-art engineering for auxiliary motorcycle lights. Denali Electronics is still the one and only brand, who offers the complete solution you’d want for your motorcycle: Aux lights, light mounts, horns, horn mounts, aux brake lights and CAN bus controllers. All from one supplier – which for you means accessories, which fit together. They are easier to install, as they are plug-and-play and offer you integrated control. Can’t get any better!

On this page you will find the complete technology overview for all Denali Electronics 2.0 lights. Let us know, should you have any questions!

Denali HiDrive Hi Intensity LEDs

1. HiDrive™ Hi Intensity LEDs

All Denali Electronics 2.0 lights feature the latest development from Cree. Cree’s “Hi-Intensity” LED chip offers a redesigned primary optic to maximise light output through secondary optics. Thus the Cree “HI” series LEDs are more efficient. They produce 20% more light output (lumens) without increasing power draw. But excellent LEDs can only be excellent when they are cool. Due to this reason Denali has taken care of keeping their LEDs cool to ensure superior output

TriOptic Multi Beam Lens Systems

TriOptic™ Multi-Beam Lens System

The Denali 2.0 lights kits come with installed hybrid lenses. Two of those are elliptical flood lenses, and the other two are spot beam lenses. They are giving you three unique beam patterns in one kit. You could use two spots for maximum distance, they are going far enough to ensure you know what the road ahead looks like. Or use two elliptical floods for maximum spread. Meaning you will be able to see both sides of the road. Or combine them to create a most amazing hybrid beam pattern and benefit from the best of both worlds.

Denali DataDim LED Dimming Technology

DataDim™ LED Dimming Technology

All 2.0 light pods are equipped with a dedicated 3rd-wire dimming circuit. That way you can use an external signal to reliably control the intensity of the LED chip at the source. Plug in the Denali Electronics DataDim™ Controller (this is sold separately, product number DENDNL.WHS.11000) to enable the Denali lights to switch between half and full intensity with your vehicle’s original high beam switch. The Denali DataDim gets rid of unreliable modulation of the entire circuit, this is something you cannot avoid when using basic two-wire dimming.

Denali HotSwap Modular Harness

HotSwap™ Modular Harness

The Denali 2.0 premium wiring harness is built with high-quality waterproof components and a pretty clever HotSwap™ design. Together this enables an effortless swap from the standard single-intensity relay to Denali’s dual-intensity DataDim™ Controller (sold separately, product number DENDNL.WHS.11000).

Denali 2.0 DrySeal Waterproof Construction

DrySeal™ Waterproof Construction

In addition to molded silicone gasket seals, Denali uses a unique Dry-Seal™ construction technique. This Dry-Seal encases the wires in a potted cavity as they enter the housing. That way the housings are 100% watertight, even when submerged underwater with thew ires cut and connector removed. Good to know: The DrySeal™ construction is also used in the new 2.0 illuminated switch!

Denali 2.0 Impact PC Corrosion Proof Bezels

Impact PC™ Corrosion-Proof Bezels

Molded in 100% polycarbonate, Denali’s Impact PC™ bezels create an impenetrable surface that won’t rust, fade, or corrode, even after taking repeated impacts from rocks and debris. A real benefit since this is simply not possible with  traditional coated aluminum bezels.

Denali 2.0 LiveActive Intelligent Thermal Management

LiveActive™ Intelligent Thermal Management

Nowadays LEDs last longer than ever and put out more light. But only, when they are kept cool! Denali Electronics 2.0 lights feature cutting edge LED drivers that work with uncompromising heatsinks to manage heat levels in real time. That way the lights stay cool enough to maintain the maximum light output.

Denali 2.0 Chrome Optics Reflector Bowl

Chrome Reflector Bowl

The 2.0 optic holders, we call them reflector bowls, are plated in bright chrome. Although this sounds a little as a gimmick in the first moment, it is actually really cool since it maximizes reflectivity. At the same time it refines the appearance of the lamps to match the original chrome reflectors of your motorcycle headlights.

Denali 2.0 Low-Profile Mounts with Stainless Steel Hardware

Low-Profile Mounts – Stainless Steel Hardware

2.0 light pods include a robust, low-profile hinge mount and stainless steel M8 mounting hardware. The low-profile mounting hinge creates a super clean installation while maintaining maximum strength.

Denali 2.0 E-Mark-Certification

E-Mark Certified Lenses

E-Mark certified lenses are included in all Denali 2.0 lights, no matter if pod or kit. You get the three beam lenses. On top in every light product there is a second set of lenses. Those carry an offcial E-Mark certification. This ensures you can stay street-legal on-road while maintaining the option for maximum distance off-road.

CANbus LED lights Compatible for Motorbikes

CAN Bus Compatible

This is a real plus for all those, who ride a bike with a CAN Bus, we are talking BMWs, KTMs and Harley Davidsons. The Denali 2.0 lights are made to easily plug-and-play with the CANsmart accessory controller. The Denali CANsmart™ CAN Bus Accessory Controller communicates directly with your bike’s CAN Bus electrical system. This allows you to effortlessly install the Denali 2.0 lights. Even better, it lets you have integrated dimming of 2 (!!) sets of Denali 2.0 lights, a Denali SoundBomb horn and their B6 brake light. Read more about what the Denali Electronics CANsmart Controllers bring to the table in our blog post CAN Bus Controllers.

Denali 2.0 Amber Lenses - optional

Amber Lens Kits available

Denali’s trademarked TriOptic™ lens system is also available in amber for added daytime visibility and fog-cutting performance (only exception would be the S4 pod and kits since you can’t exchange lenses of those). For all the other Denali auxiliary 2.o lights there is an “amber lens kit” which includes a set of amber spot lenses as well as a set of amber flood lenses. So, like with your normal TriOptic lenses, you you can create each of the three beam options in amber.

Denali 2.0 DrySeal Switch

DrySeal™ Switch With Modular Handlebar Switch Mount

The Denali submersible waterproof switch is illuminated and has been engineered from the ground up to withstand harsh outdoor abuse on powersports vehicles. Its design can be either flush or bar mounted and the 7/8″ and 1″ mounts are included in all 2.0 light kits. Again, with the exception of the S4 kit. The S4 kit comes also with a switch, but without a mounting bracket.

Denali Motorcycle LED Lights showing the Beam Pattern from LED Spot Lights
Denali Motorcycle LED Lights showing the Beam Pattern from LED Hybrid Lights
Denali Motorcycle LED Lights showing the Beam Pattern from LED Flood Lights
Denali Motorcycle LED Lights showing the Beam Pattern when all Lights are on
Understand the different beam patterns

LED Light Beam Patterns

Jump over to the DENALI Electronics website where you can learn all about the different LED light beam patterns. If you have ever wondered, what the difference between flood lights, hybrid lights or spot lights would be, this is what you want to read!There is also a great diagram about other auxiliary lights like driving lights, brake lights or flush mount backup lights.
DENALI Electronics Beam Pattern Diagram moto mate - moto-mate
Understand the difference between spot, flood and hybrid lights.
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Should you have any questions in regards to how to install, with or without a CANbus accessory controller, more than one set of lights or where on your bike - hey, just give us a call. We might know the answer and save you the time to find out yourself.

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